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You'll find many yard aerators at Agri Supply, including a 48-inch drum aerator with spikes that penetrate up to 2½ inches deep. Our lawn dethatchers are excellent, too, including our 48-inch tow type with 3/16-inch heat-treated tines. Our lawn aerators include plug aerators with 32 heat-treated points that create an aeration depth up to 3 inches. Check out our lawn rollers, too, such as the 24-inch push-pull type and the 36-inch pull type.

Buy our yard aerators to help your lawn breathe and stay healthy. Also don't miss lawn dethatchers, lawn rollers and other lawn supplies - you'll find we have something for everyone.

Gardeners love yard aerators from Agri Supply - for instance, the 36-inch wide plug aerators with 6-inch plugs that penetrate up to 5 inches deep. Check out our lawn dethatchers, as well, with 20 steel spring tines, a pin-style hitch, 7-inch poly tires and a powder coated finish. We carry lawn aerators in different styles, including drum spike aerators and plug types. You can even find lawn aerators that combine the best features of a plug aerator and a spike aerator. Don't pass up lawn rollers, either - we have both pull lawn rollers and push-pull lawn rollers.

If you need yard aerators, you've come to the right place - especially if you're looking for a curved spike aerator designed for great soil penetration without the resulting messy plugs. Our lawn dethatchers are exceptional, too, including our 30-inch-wide drum spike dethatchers. Our lawn aerators, including our plug aerators, and our other lawn tools all come with guarantees because we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction at our online store and our lawn and garden centers in our retail stores. Get lawn rollers, grass aerators and a wide range of lawn supplies at reasonable prices to meet your budget.

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