Carolina Cooker® Cast Iron Stew Pot, 8 Gallon


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Take this stew pot on your next camping or outdoor cooking event. Made of cast iron, this wash pot is durable and has the benefits of slow cooking and even heating. Included are two lifting hooks which fit into the handles on the side of the pot for lifting and carrying the stew pot.

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Soy Allergy Alert: This product is preseasoned with soybean oil.

With an 8 gallon capacity, this cast iron stew pot is the perfect addition to your cookware. Take the stew pot camping, or cook in your backyard with this preseasoned, ready-to-use wash pot. Three 2-1/2 in. legs stabilize this cauldron. With an 18 in. diameter and measuring 9 in. deep, this is the perfect cast iron wash pot to slow cook soups, stews and more. Use this cast iron cauldron to fry chicken, or to boil shrimp and crabs.

  • Carolina Cooker® Cast Iron Stew Pot
  • Preseasoned
    Soy Allergy Alert: This product is preseasoned with soybean oil.
  • Three 2-1/2 in. legs
  • Two 3-1/4 in. long handles for hooks
  • Two lifting hooks included
  • Diameter: 18 in.
  • Depth: 9 in.
  • Capacity: 8 gallons
We offer a wide selection of cast iron stew pots in many different capacities here at Agri Supply®.

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Carolina Cooker 8 GAL. PRESEASONED WASH POT in Wash Pots & Stew Pots and Cast Iron & Cooking Supplies at Agri Supply ®.

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4 Stars Carolina Cooker Cast Iron Stew Pot - 8 Gallon


Sergey from IA wrote (June 10, 2015):

I owned this pot for a couple of years now and love it every time I use it. We mainly use it to prepare plov (Lamb and Rice Pilaf) in it. Works great for this dish, just have to watch the heat towards the end, because rice tends to stick and burn a little at the bottom. I bought a small wood stove separately and this pot fits perfectly on top of the stove. The quality of cast iron is decent, but not perfect; the thickness of the lip edge is not the same all the way around. Otherwise it's a great large pot to feed a big crowd. I keep mine oiled between uses to prevent rusting. I wish it came with cast iron lid also. I ended up buying one elsewhere to fit this pot.