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Chicken feeders from Agri Supply livestock supplies include a range feeder with a feed saver grill with a one-piece rain shield. Poultry feeders can be hanging or ones you set on the ground, able to hold five gallons or more. Our hanging chicken feeders and hanging chicken waterers come in rust-resistant galvanized steel and durable red plastic. Eighteen-inch chicken feeders and waters can be set up to hold just food or hold food and water.

Chicken feeders portion out the feed without letting the animals spill or ruin the feed. Poultry feeders are far better than an open pan or scattering it on the ground.

Buying chicken feeders starts with Agri Supply, which carries a range of options for feeding your flock. Poultry feeders come in long pans, up to 36 inches, and round feeders with rain shields for the range. Find chicken feeders and waterers with compartments so you can make it all feed, or have one side for feed and the other for water. Galvanized chicken feeders include hanging chicken feeders that can carry as much as 40 pounds of feed.

Chicken feeders are better than pans because these feeders are designed to keep a steady flow of feed without letting the chickens spill the food and waste it. Poultry feeders come in a range of capacities to meet your flock's needs. Chicken feeders and waters need to be sturdy, such as our double-walled poultry waterers, because chickens will jump and climb all over them. We have livestock supplies for feeding and watering birds among our 26,000 products for farm, shop, home, and garden.

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