Propane Burners and Regulators

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We carry cast iron propane burners, gas hoses and gas regulators to get your propane cooking stoves hooked up and cooking in just a few minutes. Gas burners are easy to control and supply large amounts of heat for accurate cooking. Our LP gas regulators control the flow and distribution of propane, keeping your system in top shape. Whether you are using your propane camping stove at the camp site, on a hunting trip, or in your backyard, our cast iron propane burners provide the perfect way to cook outdoors.

For top-notch outdoor stoves that you can trust will work and work well on your outdoor adventures head to Agri Supply. Our camping stoves department features strong cookers for the outdoors such as a cast iron single burner. These gas burners are 10 inches in diameter and deliver 100,000 BTUs of heat for fast and efficient cooking. Because these gas burners are cast-iron, you can count on them to see you and your family through many years of camping and cooking.

Look into the versatile outdoor stoves in our kitchen and cooking shop before you head out on your camping adventure. Our camping stoves are both gas and non-gas operating stoves so you get the kind of cooking you want, even in the outdoors. The gas burners we offer include a three-burner gas burning stove that doesn't use natural gas but is constructed of rugged cast iron. Other gas cookers that use propane are smaller, with a single burner and a leg height of four inches.

Look into the outdoor stoves and gas cookers at Agri Supply. We stock camping stoves with gas burners that are easy to set up and use.

When you're searching for outdoor stoves that will cook a variety of foods during your camping excursions, then check out the many camping stoves we offer at Agri Supply. Our camping stoves are innovative and feature the latest in technology and design for cooking your food while you are camping, hunting, or traveling. The forward-looking gas burners we have include our Banjo burner gas cookers that are made to hold 60 to 100-quart stockpots. These rugged gas burners use a single burner, and they're ideal camping stoves for cooking up crab or other shellfish.

It's not only outdoor stoves and camping stoves that we carry in our portable gas stoves section ? we also stock the accessories and replacement parts you'll need for your cookouts outdoors. We have fittings for camping stoves should you need one replaced before your trip, and these fittings include brass fittings to prevent excess gas flow in your tanks. For gas burners and outdoors stoves, we also have regulator valves to raise and lower your gas pressure and handy plugs for your propane tanks. Our replacement hoses for gas cookers swivel on one end and run up to 36 inches long.

With high-quality outdoor stoves from Agri Supply, your outdoor cookouts and meals will turn out right. These camping stoves are crafted from tough materials such as cast iron and utilize long-lasting propane gas fittings, connectors and regulators. Choose gas burners such as our three-burner cast iron cooker that uses low pressure gas to cook food evenly and thoroughly. Three-burner gas cookers are perfect for creating entire meals in a short amount of time with little space, and these models are 11 inches wide and 30 inches long so you have plenty of room for three pots, pans or smaller skillets.

Our outdoor stoves are only a small portion of the more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home and garden that are sold in our store. For your camping stoves, for example, we also stock a full range of pots, pans, skillets, woks, and kitchen and cooking utensils specifically made for making cooking outdoors simpler. Our gas burners, and their accessories, are sold with our own one-year guarantee, as well. Beyond the gas cookers and other items in our cooking accessories department, you'll also want to explore our lawn and garden supplies that include 250,000 lawn mower blades that can fit up to 800 plus mower applications and over 70 name brand mowers.