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Wire Twisters & Rebar Ties

Tie Wire Tools & Twisters, Rebar Tools & Supplies

Rebar tie wires from Agri Supply make closing off a sandbag quick and easy, whether you’re using them as a retaining wall or to add weight to a pickup bed. With our wire twisters, you just make a couple of quick twists and you are done. Rebar ties are also essential to making strong cages for pouring concrete. Our tie wire tools will help you get the rebar tie wires tight so you know the base for your pour is strong.

Rebar tie wires come in different gauges and lengths. Get wire twisters with your bundle of rebar ties or buy your tie wire tools separate.

Rebar tie wires are looped on both ends to make the tying quicker, easier and more secure.

Rebar tie wires from Agri Supply can be used when building rebar frames for pouring concrete or for tying off sandbags when disaster strikes. Pick up wire twisters while you’re at it, which make the repetitive task of tying easier on the hands. Buy rebar ties that come 200 to a bag or get a bag of 100 that comes with a tie wire twister. The right tie wire tools make the job of tying rebar ties go quicker and easier.

Our rebar tie wires are 16 gauge and come with loops on both ends to make the tying easier. Choices of wire twisters include ones with pistol grips and ones with a spring return so you can get the rebar tools that fit the way you work. Rebar ties come in 9-inch and 6-inch lengths so you can make sure you have plenty of length to make the tying easier. Our rebar supplies and other construction and surveyor supplies are part of more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home and garden.