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Steel Wheelbarrows, Metal & Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows

Double Wheel Barrows, Lawn Garden Equipment & Construction Supplies

Whether it’s wheelbarrows with flat fronts or pour fronts, with deep tubs or shallow tubs, Agri Supply has choices for you. We have steel wheelbarrows that are contractor grade with seamless trays and sturdy undercarriages. Our metal and heavy duty wheelbarrows work great as lawn garden equipment or construction supplies. Whether it’s double wheel barrows or single wheel models, we have a vast inventory that includes more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home and garden.

Wheelbarrows are the mules of construction sites and gardens. Our steel wheelbarrows can take a beating from loose scrap metal or heavy rocks and come back for more.

Our wheelbarrows come in sizes that range from 4 cubic feet to 10 cubic feet.

Wheelbarrows are a labor-saving device, so make sure you get the right kind of wheelbarrows from Agri Supply. We have steel wheelbarrows that are contractor grade with heavy gauge seamless steel trays. Metal and heavy duty wheelbarrows are great for throwing junk in or hauling heavy stones. We have double wheel barrows to help steady extra heavy loads, with trays that can hold as much as 10 cubic feet.

Wheelbarrows have all sorts of special features, such as flat fronts and pour fronts or turf tires in different sizes. Steel wheelbarrows can have different shaped trays the same as poly wheelbarrows with different styles of undercarriages. We have metal and heavy duty wheelbarrows or you can get poly wheelbarrows that are corrosion proof and have reinforcing ribs. Whether you need lawn garden equipment or construction supplies, we have wheelbarrows that will help you move the heaviest and bulkiest loads.