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PTO slip clutches from Agri Supply fit everything from mowers to tractors, so you can protect your power take-off. Our PTO shaft clutches are designed to fit a range of yoke ends and to work with different numbers of discs. We use Eurocardan parts because we believe in quality and offer a one-year guarantee on most products. Our farm equipment parts include the tractor equipment parts you need to get back in the field and working effectively.

PTO slip clutches protect your engine when the torque gets too great. We have PTO shaft clutches for a range of torques, depending on your equipment's specifications.

PTO slip clutches from Agri Supply protect your power take-off by slipping when the torque becomes too great. We have PTO shaft clutches that slip at different torques as well as ones to fit different yoke ends. Eurocardan parts can be trusted, because Eurocardan has more than 20 years of experience creating components, especially for agricultural machines. Farm equipment parts have to work because you can't afford to be broken down when there are crops to be worked.

We have PTO slip clutches for 4 disc clutches as well as 2 disc clutches and slip clutches for different horsepower tractors. We have PTO shaft clutches as well as PTO shaft accessories, such as over running couplers with quick releases. Eurocardan parts are designed for different spline ends. Our farm equipment parts include tractor equipment parts among the more than 26,000 items we carry for farm, shop, home and garden.

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