Fuel Pumps & Nozzles

Transfer Fuel Pump, Manual Fuel Transfer Pump, 12 Volt Fuel Pump

Agri Supply ® stocks a wide selection of transfer pumps and nozzles from Tuthill Fill-Rite and GPI. We carry a selection of 12 volt or 110 volt manual and automatic fuel transfer pumps. Fuel transfer pumps are the most effective method of transporting fuel from one container to a different container. These types of pumps can be used to transfer diesel fuel or gasoline to cars, planes, trucks, and agricultural farm machinery and construction equipment like bulldozers. Hand operated fuel transfer pumps are powered by a hand lever or crank. They can provide an easy and safe way to transfer diesel, gasoline, chemicals, and other fluids.

At Agri Supply, our fuel pumps feature the latest technological advancements for better performance. We carry fuel pump nozzles like the free flowing hand pump that is a must-have in your pickup truck accessories toolbox. These electric fuel pumps are heavy-duty and the first choice of professional contractors and farmers. Our inventory contains fuel nozzles from manual to automatic in many different sizes, one sure to fit your needs. Purchase our fuel transfer pumps that deliver the ruggedness of cast iron and the convenience of portability.

Look for fuel pumps that feature consistent pressure and superior performance. We have fuel pump nozzles that are traditionally styled units with micro-touch valves for precise flow control. Our electric fuel pumps are for heavy- to-extreme use, perfect for pumping gasoline, diesel fuel, mineral spirits and kerosene. Discover the variety of fuel nozzles and fuel transfer pumps that we have within our over 26,000-item inventory of farm, shop, home and garden supplies.