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Clear plastic sheeting from Agri Supply has dozens of uses around the home, garage, barn or warehouse. Protective poly covers can keep paint off the floor or rain off the crops or use it as a vapor barrier film. Put down black plastic sheeting to keep weeds, bugs or moisture out. Sizes range from 6 mil clear to 1.5 mil clear so you can get the mix of transparency and durability you're seeking.

Use clear plastic sheeting as a hydroponic film. We have protective poly covers in many sizes, from garden plot to greenhouse size.

Clear plastic sheeting from Agri Supply is ideal as a hydroponic film, vapor barrier film or paint cover. Our poly covers come in sizes to cover hundreds of square feet, so big enough for any job. We also have black plastic sheeting for when you don't want the sun shining through. From 1.5 to 6 mill clear plastic, we have the mixture of weight and strength you need for your farm, home or nursery.

Our clear plastic sheeting varies in both length and width so you can buy rolls to fit your needs. Stretch out poly covers of a single layer and keep the rain off while letting the sun in. Use black plastic sheeting over holes in the roof or as a vapor barrier behind insulation. We have 6 mill clear when you need a thick sheet and a range of thinner sizes when you don't want as much weight.