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Add tarp grommets so you have more tie-down points or use snap kits from Agri Supply to alter your securing method. You can replace tarp snaps that no longer fasten with our snap fastener repair kits. Tarp fasteners are just a few of the more than 26,000 items we carry for farm, shop, home, and garden. We have grommet kits for refills and replacements so that you can fix a hole that's lost its grommet before it rips out or put in a new fastening point near where a grommet has already ripped loose.

Plenty of tarp grommets are the key to an easy way to secure a tarp. Lots of tarp snaps creates a tight hold on a tarp so it doesn't flap or pull loose.

Tarp grommets take a beating when that tarp is whipping around in the wind or being pulled on to secure, but Agri Supply has replacement tarp grommets so you can keep your fastening points strong. Tarp snaps are another option to fasten a tarp if you don't want to use ties through grommets. Our tarp fasteners come in packs with six sets of snaps, and we also carry snap kits to repair snap fasteners. Likewise, grommet kits allow you to repair or replace your tarp grommets.

Tarp grommets come in packs with 24 sets to the pack, and you can find the grommets in different sizes for your tie-down needs. Tarp snaps give you a different option, allowing you to snap a tarp to another surface. Tarp fasteners come in repair kits with tools to attach them and in replacement packs if you don't need the snap kits. Grommet kits also include tools for replacing grommets, and likewise you can buy grommet packs without the tools in our hardware store section.

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