Grizzly® Hydraulic Cylinder, 3" Bore, 8" Stroke


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Our Hydraulic Cylinder by Grizzly® is ideal for agricultural and industrial uses. This red hydraulic cylinder has a 3 in. bore and a 8 in. stroke. Its rod diameter is 1-1/4 in., and its retracted length is 20-1/4 in. This Grizzly® product offers many features including 2500 PSI of working pressure, high tensile parts, and high quality seals made from Nitrile. A 2 year limited warranty is also included with your purchase. The description below offers more information.

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This Grizzly® Hydraulic Cylinder has a 3-inch bore and 8-inch stroke, and it works as either a double acting or single acting cylinder. It features both standard and dual ports to allow flexibility in its use. With a pin size of 1 inch, our hydraulic cylinders have a retracted length of 20-1/4 inches and a rod diameter of 1-1/4 inches.

These Grizzly® Hydraulic Cylinders are built to be strong, and they carry a 2 year limited warranty to give you peace of mind. High tensile steel is used during the manufacturing process of the rods and pins, and we plate the pins with hard chrome and the rods with zinc for added strength. Ductile casting is used to build the clevis and the rod cap, and we have grade 5 clevis bolts. To protect against leakage problems, we use a nitrile piston seal and a nitrile rubber wiper seal.

This 3 inches x 8 inches hydraulic cylinder has undergone substantial testing to ensure the highest quality product. Testing was completed by independent certified labs, as well as by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE). This equipment either met or exceeded their burst, dimensional, salt spray, and pressure specifications for 2500 PSI tie rod cylinders.

All of our Grizzly® cylinders feature a 2 year limited warranty. Agri Supply® also carries repair parts for all Grizzly® cylinders.

  • Bore - 3 inches
  • Stroke - 8 inches
  • PSI - 2500
  • Rod diameter - 1-1/4 inches
  • Replacement cylinder rod 72991 Rod For 3 x 8 Standard Cylinder
  • Retracted length (from center of pin to center of pin) - 20-1/4 inches
  • Pin - 1 inch
How To Identify A Cylinder By Measuring
How To Identify A Cylinder By Measuring

Grizzly 3 X 8"ASAE 1-1/4"ROD 20-1/4"RL in Hydraulic Cylinders and Hydraulics at Agri Supply ®.

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