Getting the right U bolts is important whether in construction or repairing an axle, and Agri Supply has a range of U washers and bolt hardware to fit the job. Square U bolts have a square head so they will sit snugly on square beams and posts. Round U bolts have a round head, and make sure you get the right size so the curve will fit the posts or pipes you are working with. Along with U bolt fasteners, we have more than 26,000 items for the farm, shop, home and garden.

U bolts with crosspieces make sure the bolt won't pull free so you can secure items with confidence. Square U bolts and round U bolts have different shaped heads to improve the fit so the U bolt fasteners won't move.

When you need U bolts to hold something in place, whether it's for construction or car repair, Agri Supply can help. We have square U bolts and round u bolts so you can get the right fit on an object and therefore a more secure hold. Proper fitting of U bolt fasteners makes all the difference on how well it will stay in place as pressure is applied. We have the U washers and bolt hardware you need for the job at hand.

U bolts can be used in concrete foundations to secure items or as a means to hang items from beams or pipes. Square U bolts have a square head so they will seat firmly on boards or beams of different sizes. Round U bolts are better suited to pipes or rebar or to secure something to a round post. We also have U bolt fasteners with crosspieces for a more secure and reliable hold that won't pull loose easily.