Water well covers from Agri Supply come in more than one size, so you can match the well pump covers both to the size of the water well and to the surrounding landscaping. Blend fake rock covers into the surrounding landscaping with plants, decorative stone or mulch. Well pump covers are simple to use: Just set the water well covers over the well and then stake them down. Decorative well covers turn an unsightly water well into a pleasing part of your yard or garden.

Our water well covers range in heights from 26 inches to 40 inches with base lengths that range up to 69 inches. Fake rock covers can be a little rock formation or a large one.

Water well covers from Agri Supply can hide ugly water well pipes by disguising them as rock formations. Fake rock covers look like the real thing but are easy to install; just place the chosen size over the well and stake it down, then add landscaping such as bark dust or shrubs. Our well pump covers range in size to fit your needs. Decorative well covers let you blend a well into your garden or lawn so it's not even visible.

Our water well covers in the plumbing supply store section are made of fiberglass, making them lightweight but durable and weather resistant. Fake rock covers could be in lawns and gardens up and down your street right now and you wouldn't even notice. Well pump covers that you can find in many hardware stores don't look natural, but we have modern rock well covers. Our decorative well covers are just a tiny slice of the more than 26,000 items we carry for farm, shop, home and garden.