14049 Crown Washer, UH, UL and UM Series


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For use with Crown Gear 14048 this crown washer fits against its housing as a fastener. This washer is for UH, UL and UM series rotary tillers, with one used per tiller. With a round shape, the interior has a beveled structure.

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This washer fastener part number is 14049 and is placed against the housing of the Crown Gear 14048. It is used for a variety of different rotary tillers as a replacement hardware piece. The UH series tillers are UH2.1 (UH84), UH1.8 (UH72), UH1.6 (UH65), UH1.35 (UH55), and UH1.1 (UH45). The UL series tillers are UL0.9 (UL36), UL1.2 (UL48) and UL1.5 (UL60). The UM series tillers are UM1.8 (UM72), and UM1.5 (UM60). Each rotary tiller has one washer and crown gear. This washer hardware has a round exterior while the interior has beveled edges.

  • Crown Washer
  • Part number: 14049
  • UH series tillers: UH2.1 (UH84), UH1.8 (UH72), UH1.6 (UH65), UH1.35 (UH55), and UH1.1 (UH45)
  • Quantity for UH series: 1
  • UL series tillers: UL0.9 (UL36), UL1.2 (UL48) and UL1.5 (UL60)
  • Quantity for UL series: 1
  • UM series tillers: UM1.8 (UM72), and UM1.5 (UM60)
  • Quantity for UM series: 1
  • For Crown Gear 14048
  • Beveled interior structure

  14049 CROWN WASHER UL, UM, UH in Tillovator Parts and Farm Machinery Parts at Agri Supply ®.

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