14055 Bearing 30206, UL Series


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This bearing enhances the overall performance of UL series rotary tillers by working to reduce the friction from rotating axles and other parts. This tiller bearing 30206 has a part number that is 14055. There are two bearings used within these tillers to help support different rotating parts.

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Bearings are useful devices that are placed within the housing units of rotating parts to ensure a lessened amount of friction emitted from those parts. This mechanical bearing 30206 has a part number of 14055. The UL series tillers this bearing is compatible with are, UL0.9 (UL36), UL1.2 (UL48) and UL1.5 (UL60). There are two bearings of this size used and both are constructed from steel. They fit onto either side of housing for Gear 38 Teeth 14032, which is placed within the Chain Cover GD Comp 14007.

  • Bearing 30206
  • Part number: 14055
  • UL series tillers: UL0.9 (UL36), UL1.2 (UL48) and UL1.5 (UL60)
  • Quantity for UL series: 2
  • Both placed on either side of housing for Gear 38 Teeth 14032
  • Fit within Chain Cover GD Comp 14007
  • Construction: Steel

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