1449 Nylock Nut M35 x 1.5 Mm, UH, UL and UM Series


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Used for securing parts within UH, UL and UM series rotary tillers, this nylock nut measures M35 x 1.5 mm. Each tiller uses either 1 or 2 of these nylock nuts for fastening applications. The nylon interior presses firmly into screws for a more secured fit.

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Nylock nuts are used to fasten parts within your UH, UL and UM series rotary tillers. Also known as locknuts, they have a partially lined nylon interior that creates a more secured fit, and makes loosening or tightening applications easier. This locknut measures M35 x 1.5 and has the part number 1449. When used for UH series tillers, UH2.1 (UH84), UH1.8 (UH72), UH1.6 (UH65), UH1.35 (UH55), and UH1.1 (UH45), each tiller requires 2 nylock nuts. The UL series UL0.9 (UL36), UL1.2 (UL48), and UL1.5 (UL60), each tiller requires 1 nylock nut. The UM series UM1.8 (UM72) and UM1.5 (UM60) each requires 2 nylock nuts.

  • Nylock Nut for Rotary Tiller UH, UL and UM Series
  • Part number: 1449
  • Size: M35 x 1.5 mm
  • UH series tillers: UH2.1 (UH84), UH1.8 (UH72), UH1.6 (UH65), UH1.35 (UH55), and UH1.1 (UH45)
  • Quantity for each UH series: 2
  • UL series tillers: UL0.9 (UL36), UL1.2 (UL48), and UL1.5 (UL60)
  • Quantity for each UL series: 1
  • UM series tillers: UM1.8 (UM72) and UM1.5 (UM60)
  • Quantity for each UM series: 2
  • Partial nylon interior

  1449 NYLOCK NUT M35 X 1.5 MM UL, in Tillovator Parts and Farm Machinery Parts at Agri Supply ®.

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