Absorbs-It Oil-Dri, Granular Oil Absorbent, 50 Lb. Bag


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Oil-Dri® Absorbs-It absorbent is an excellent addition to your spill kit. This natural clay product comes in a 50 lb. poly bag. It reduces slipping hazards by easily absorbing messy liquids including oil, grease, and much more. This oil absorbent is excellent for cleaning spills, machine over-sprays, and slippery areas. It is a versatile product can also be used to provide traction on ice and snow, and reduce odors.

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Oil-Dri® brand oil absorbent is a superior product that reduces safety hazards such as spills, falls, and flash oil fires. Keep Oil-Dri granules in your oil spill kit, and quickly clean up messy spills such as oil, coolants, grease, hydraulic fluid, and acid. The Oil-Dri® granules are highly absorbent, non-flammable, and virtually dust-free. This superior formula holds liquids without breaking down, and is excellent for use around machinery, work shops, and work benches. This is made out of a natural earth product, put under a thermal process to increase absorbing power.


  • Absorbs oils, acids, grease, inks, water, and other various liquids
  • Net contents: 50 lb.
  • Natural earth product
  • Economical and quick to use
  • Made of coarse clay granules, virtually dust free
  • Will not turn into mud
  • Dispose in accordance to federal, state, and local environmental regulations, based on what was absorbed

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  ABSORBS-IT OIL DRI 50 LB BAG in Oil Dri, Spill Cleaners, & Sweep Compound and Lubricants & Cleaners at Agri Supply ®.

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