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Amazing gifts the cooks in your life will love for the holidays

Have kitchen masters on your holiday shopping list? Or an outdoors cooking enthusiast? For an incredible selection of cookware and accessories, it’s tough to beat Agri Supply.

Remember that chefs in the making have good tools to work with, so novelty gadgets won’t cut it.

(Plus, didn’t you already get them a Kiss the Cook apron last year?) Check out the array of choices available at your friendly neighborhood Agri Supply. You’re sure to find something to add some joy to food prep!

What to look for when you gift cookware and accessories

  • 1. Quality. Some kitchen tools aren’t built to last. Look for those from reputable vendors.
  • 2. Utility. It should either do one thing very well or have versatility. Kitchen storage space is a premium!
  • 3. Value. You want heirloom quality, but not outrageous prices. Be sure to buy from someone who values your patronage.

Cast iron
Help start a collection or add to one. Many cooks choose cast iron because it cooks uniformly for dazzling results. We carry a selection of skillets for stovetop cooking, plus baking and saucepans.

Cast-iron enamel
Skip the seasoning and cook! Cast-iron enamel cookware produces an even cooking surface but doesn’t need prep work. We stock an immense collection of baking pans, skillets, and all else.

Cast-iron enamel is a tremendous gift for cooks, novice to expert!

Grills, cookers, and burners
Not all great cooks are inside! Diehard outdoor chefs will go 12 months a year, regardless of conditions. They’ll man the deep fryers, grills, and pig cookers any time. And they can always use a new grill, tools, and accessories.

Plus, it’s always a good time to upgrade. Or, simplify things with a cast-iron burner for outdoor cooking.

Stew and wash pots
These are great for massive hunting trips or colossal family get-togethers. Anytime you need to feed the masses, for chili, gumbo, and more, a stew pot can help get the job done. Make something easy and delicious to keep everyone’s bellies happy.

We carry wash pots from 4 to 90 gallons for all your cooking needs.

Sauces and seasonings
They’re the spice of life and the saucy additions your dishes need! Added to food as it cooks or served with it, sauces give contrast, moisture, and a savory kick. They can also become the medium in which your food is held, such as velouté sauce for the cream of chicken. Agri Supply is your source for barbecue sauce mix, hot sauce, grilling sauce, and more.

Seasonings produce richness to pull together ingredients in your dishes. Whether it’s acid, bitter, savory, or sweet, spices keep you from dull cooking. Usually, with just a dash! Find just the right jerky, turkey, or venison seasonings at Agri Supply.

Get cooking for the holidays with Agri Supply

Open a world of gift-giving this holiday season. Whether your choice is a new pig cooker or fresh cooking utensils, you’ll find it on our shelves. Happy chefs cook delicious meals, so make sure you bring your shopping list to Agri Supply. It’s what’s inside!

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