Basic Two-Man Ladder Stand, 16 Ft.


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Hunt from up in air and out of eyes' sight. This 2 person hunting stand is 15 ft. 6 in. high with a comfortable two person seat measuring 40 in. x 13 in. Safety features included are 2 full body harnesses and shooting rail in front, that lifts for an easy entry.

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Sit as tall as the trees and look over the terrain for efficient hunting purposes. This hunting stand seats two people, with a ladder stance of 13 ft., it leads to the platform and seat, both measuring 40 in. x 13 in., with the seat being 21 in. high. From ground to platform it is 12 ft. 4 in. and ground to seat is 14 ft. 1 in. Sit comfortably on a padded seat and stay secure with the 2 full body harnesses, there is a 500 lb. weight capacity for his hunting ladder stand. This entire stand must fit a tree with a diameter of 12 in. to 20 in., and attaches with the help of 1 ratchet and tie-off ropes for safety.

  • Two-Man Ladder Stand
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Height to shooting rail: 15 ft. 6 in.
  • Height to seat: 14 ft. 1 in.
  • Height to platform: 12 ft. 4 in.
  • Ladder stance: 13 ft.
  • Platform: 40 in. x 13 in.
  • Seat height: 21 in.
  • Seat: 40 in. 13 in.
  • Tree diameter range: 12 in. to 20 in.
  • Tree attachment: 1 ratchet and tie-off ropes
  • Shooting rail, flips for easy entry
  • Full body harness
  • Removable padded seat

  16' TWO-MAN LADDER STAND BASIC in Deer Stands & Accessories and Hunting Supplies at Agri Supply ®.

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