Half Disc Bearing Housing with Zerk Fitting


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If your disc harrow is not rotating correctly, it may be time to replace your bearings. This disc bearing block half works with a bearing spacer spool. Two housings can be bolted around the spool and mounted to a flat pan. The bearing blocks have grease fittings to allow for spool lubrication.

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Replacing spacer spools and bearing housing is easy and quick with the correct tools. This half disc bearing housing is coupled together around a corresponding spacer spool. Once joined, they can be mounted to your flat pan. Equipped with a grease fitting, the bearing can be lubricated for less wear and tear and for future maintenance.

  • Half disc bearing housing
  • Length: 5"
  • Grooves: 4
  • 2 middle grooves are 1-1/2 in. center to center
  • Outside grooves are 4 in. center to center
  • Bolt holes are 3 in. center to center
  • Old style bearing cap construction
  • Grease fitting
  • Requires two per set
  • Use with bearing spacer spool 28210 Bearing Spacer Spool, 1" x 7-1/2"
  • Use with rib bearing spool11665 Rib Bearing Spool 9"
  • Bolt to attach the housing to bearing hanger 13311 Carriage Head Bolt 5/8" x 5"
  • For 5/8" nut use 13108 Finish Hex Nut 5/8" (Coarse) sold by the pound or 68360 sold each
  • For 5/8" lock washer use 13098 5/8" Lock Washer by the pound or 75622 sold each.
  • For grease fitting use 86612

  BEARING CAP W/ZERK in Disc Harrow Parts and Tillage at Agri Supply ®.

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