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Your boating and fishing lifestyle guide inside

Boating life can be a social life and can also be an escape from life. Friends are made on boats, or taken out on boats, for watersports, fishing, and more.

All this fun comes with a degree of responsibility and upkeep, of course. The folks at your neighborhood Agri Supply can help you get all you need to maintain smooth sailing.

Basic boat maintenance
Here’s how to keep your boat in … ship-shape.

1. Slow your roll
Roller parts on your trailer are as crucial as anything on your boat. Boat rollers are important for boat transport, so it’s good to understand what their parts do.

KEEL ROLLERS: They support the boat’s keel, or its bottom. They bear most of the weight.
SPOOL ROLLERS: You’ll find these supporting the keel for lighter boats.
WOBBLE ROLLERS: They support the boat’s curves.

Rollers must work together to keep your boat safe in transport. Use more rollers for longer trips and improved support. Also:

END CAPS : They’re on the end of roller assemblies to protect your boat from dings.
BOAT GUIDES : These help you easily load your boat onto the trailer.

2. Live it up!
Life on the water is supposed to be a blast. Go tubing or wakeboarding, or just chill out and cast a line. No matter what you do, basic supplies are important for safety and preparedness.

  • Dry bag — keep critical items in one. Bonus if it’s floatable.
  • First-aid kit — an industrial-ready set is best for minor injuries.
  • Insect repellent — keep gnats, mosquitos, stable flies, ticks, and other bugs at bay.
  • Life jackets (for everyone) — even skilled swimmers could encounter rough waters.
  • Medications (aspirin, motion sickness pills, etc.) — stave off headaches, seasickness, and other ailments.
    Rope — always be prepared.
  • Sunscreen — you must protect yourself from the direct sun AND reflected sun from the water.

3. Swab the deck
OK, not like a pirate. But you should check boat parts onboard, too. The sun can wreak havoc on plastic. To ensure a comfortable ride, check your fishing chairs especially.

Could you use an upgrade? Also, check other parts, from cleats to anchors, for damage or wear and tear.

4. Ensure smooth sailing
Once you get her back home, give your boat a good waxing. Why? Wax helps to reduce drag in the water.

5. Prep for fall boating
If you’re in a region that doesn’t get awfully cold in autumn, you’re lucky. Boating season continues! Take a few precautions.

  • Watch the weather — Cooler months can bring more unpredictable storms. You should always check the weather before a day on the water, of course, regardless of the season.
  • Dress the part — Dress for cold weather, but beware of wearing waders on a boat. Falling overboard can be quite dangerous.
  • Light it up — With shorter days in colder months, be ready to turn the lights on so you’ll be safe from other boaters.

6. Store for next season
When it’s time to say goodbye for now to your boat, remember these important tasks:

  • Fill the tank — even though it will be in storage. A full tank will keep moisture and rust from getting inside of your engine, but don’t forget to add a fuel stabilizer to ensure your engine is healthy, even in storage.
  • Drain the oil and start fresh — oil can spoil, so to ward off contaminants, add new, fresh oil now.
  • Clean the boat — a good cleaning clears the deck from food and drink that could attract rodents. They'd love to call your warm boat home for the winter. Also, scrub algae or barnacles off the sides to keep her as gorgeous as she is seaworthy.

7. Drop by your neighborhood Agri Supply
We carry everything you need to keep your boat the pride of the lake for years to come. Compare and save!

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