Breyer® Chloe Care For Me Toy Vet Set


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Chloe the horse loves to visit the veterinarian to stay in her best condition to win her next blue ribbon. With this toy vet set, you can take proper care of your favorite horse. Use the grooming brush on her mane and Chloe will make a real sigh sound. If you clean her hooves with the hoof pick, her tail will swish. Place the stethoscope on her chest to really hear her heartbeat and the otoscope in her ear will beep. If Chloe needs a shot in her shoulder, she will whinny. Take the best care of your prize winning horse with this Breyer® Toy Vet Set.

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  • Breyer® Chloe Care for Me Vet Set
  • Includes Chloe, a 10 in. soft, stuffed horse, one otoscope, one stethoscope, one hoof pick, one grooming brush, and one syringe
  • Makes real horse noises and veterinarian sounds

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