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Camo Duct Tape, 20 Yard Roll

From repairing rips, splits or cuts on material or objects a duct tape roll is a very handy tool to have in case of a minor emergency. This roll of camo duct tape measures 20 yards long. The duct tape is 2 inches wide and can stick on just about any surface.
Product Overview

A quick fix and reliable solution to any minor repair needs. This duct tape print is Mossy Oak Break-Up camo pattern, which includes natural colored bark, branches, leaves, limbs and other natural elements that have been digitally modified and enhanced. This print matches real life terrain extremely well. Use this printed duct tape as a stitch on your ripped hunting attire or even create DIY projects using your favorite camo pattern. This roll is 20 yards long and the duct tape is 2 in. wide., it may stick on almost any surface and works best when it remains dry.

  • Camo Duct Tape
  • Print: Mossy oak break-up
  • Width: 2 in.
  • Length: 20 yards
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