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Cantilever Red Tool Box with 4 Trays

The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
1 reviews
Keep your tools and parts organized with this cantilever red tool box with four trays. Made with a tough powder coated finish, this tool box is constructed from steel and durable. The clasp includes a lock bracket to fit a padlock to keep your items secure.
Product Overview

With a classic red powder coated finish, this tool box has a cantilever design for optimal storage space. The tool box measures 18-1/2 in. long, 8-1/2 in. deep and 9-1/4 in. high when closed. Open the tool box for four trays measuring 2-1/2 in. deep and the base section of the tool box is 4 in. deep. Store a variety of hand tools, sockets, and more with the four trays provided for organization. Know where the right part for the job is at the right time with this cantilever tool box.

  • Cantilever Tool Box
  • Construction: Steel
  • Color: Red
  • Powder coated finish
  • Length: 18-1/2 in.
  • Depth: 8-1/2 in.
  • Height: 9-1/4 in.
  • 4 trays: 2-1/2 in. deep
  • Base section: 4 in. deep
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Product Review Summary
Based on 1 review
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0
Customer Reviews
November 05, 2018
Amazing Value for Price Paid
This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

When I open portable tool boxes, total visual display space is VERY important. When opened, this 4-cantilever tray plus bottom tray box displays 20.75" x 18.25" = 379 square inches of tools from which to select. That's pretty wonderful. All four cantilever tray interiors measure 3.9"W x 18.1"L x 2-3/8"D = 167.6 cubic inches, but their top openings are only 3.4" x 17.5" due to sheet metal being only bent to 90-degrees rather than folded over to 180-degrees to form a wider but still smooth & tough top edge. I may bend them the extra 90 degrees to make that change. I see a British cantilever box which does that but it's much more expensive. The lower canilever tray openings are partly obstructed by the upper trays, but their interior volume is still 100% accessible by reaching in and under the upper trays. The bottom tray's interior dimensions are 7.9"W x 18.2"L x 3.9"T = 560 cubic inches. My Milwaukee 1/4" drive 18V impact fits in there enabling driving about 100 foot pounds into socket sets as well as driving drill bits, Torx bits & Allen bits, which capacity has become a minimum acceptable requirement to me. Closed dimensions are 18.5" Long, 8.3" + 0.9" (hasp) = 9.2" Wide, 9.75" Tall (handle folded down) so minimum volume is 1659 cubic inches and weighs 9.125 pounds empty. Nice appearing bright work which may be subject to rusting, too early to know. Finish appears to be genuine melted-on tough red protection. Balancing product weight vs. load resistance is always a concern in selecting how thick tool box sheet metal shall be. This seems to be 16 gauge which is a good trade-off. When my full Kennedy box got to be over 100 pounds, I decided that more care in use balanced against lower empty weight made sense to me. You have to make those decisions yourself, but this is plenty tough enough if not abused. What design changes would I make to it? Glad you asked. A slight change to the cantilever geometry would have caused it to open a little wider so the top trays would barely touch the lower trays leaving wider access to the lower trays and to the large bottom tray. Also, folding the upper tray top edges over to about 180 degrees would further increase tray access with minimal compromise in box strength. I'd add a design requirement that when closed, the top surface presents a flat surface on which other objects can be stacked. To do that, I'd increase the lid's height, forming a pocket into which the handle could fold, leaving a generally-flat top with under-lid tool storage pockets for light-weight items like notebook, pen, drill bits, Allen Bits, gloves, tweezers, picks, safety glasses, hearing protection plugs, magnetic pickup tool, wire brush, old tooth brush, & hack saw blades. The top lid could and should be one more tool-display space when opened. On balance, this is a hell of a bargain. I also own the British 6-cantilever tray plus bottom tray 21.7" long box. Generally it's about 25% larger but displays 48% more surface when opened, for a MUCH higher price when delivered from England to US addresses. On both, when you first receive them, plan on spending about 15 minutes first oiling every cantilever hinge, then open and close each side about 100 times to free them up. Using either without that before-use step would leave the impression that they can't be easily opened and closed. If you use a box configured like this for a month, you almost certainly won't want to go back to much lower display space portable tool box configurations. Such a pleasure to use. What would I ch

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