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Deer Stand Location

How To Choose The Right Location For Your Deer Stand

When deer hunting, there are a lot of things that need to be done before setting out in the woods with your gun and camouflage. You must secure a good location for a deer stand. Picking the wrong location can leave you empty-handed at the end of deer season. Learn how to pick a deer stand location by following these steps.

Scout an area for deer before choosing a location for your deer stand. Choose a heavily wooded area with water and a food source (such as acorn trees, rye grass or soybeans). Look for deer trails, tracks and rubbings on trees. The best time to scout for deer is in October and November.

Choose an area to locate your stand. Make sure you are able to reach the area without making a lot of noise and that it is easily accessible. Many times you will arrive at the stand in the dark.

Set up a temporary deer stand for the first season. This allows you to make sure the location is a good one and that deer are in the area. You can later add a permanent deer stand if you like the location.

Plant a food plot in the summer months of May and June. Planting a food plot of corn, soybeans or field peas will invite deer to keep coming back for the food during the year. In the winter you can plant rye grass in the plot. Have the plot clearly visible from your deer stand, but make sure the stand is hidden from the deer’s view. Place your stand 12 to 18 feet in the air so deer can not smell you. Make sure there are no limbs or brush to obstruct your vision. Place the stand in your desired location as soon as possible so the deer can get used to having it there.

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