Diamond Strike Anywhere Matches


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These strike anywhere matches are extra thick for a longer burn time. These long wooden matches are easy to light and are designed with a strong splint. This matchbox contains 300 light anywhere matches.

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Easy to light, these strike anywhere matches are great for lighting candles, stoves, grills, and campfires. With a long, strong splint, reaching to candle wicks or deeper distances is more convenient. Sometimes referred to as survival matches, these wooden matches will light striking most surfaces and are great for camping. With 300 large kitchen matches to a box, you will enjoy the ease of strike anywhere matches.

  • Strike anywhere matches
  • Large kitchen matches
  • 300 count
  • Extra thick for longer burn time
  • Easy to light
  • Strong, sturdy splint

  GREENLIGHT STRIKE ON BOX in Lighters Matches and Cast Iron & Cooking Supplies at Agri Supply ®.

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