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E-Track Swivel Rope Ring

Keep tie-down straps safely untangled during cargo hauls when using tie-down rope rings. This rope ring is designed to swivel 360° when installed. It can fit a variety of different sized cargo hooks and has an inner diameter measuring 2 inches.
Product Overview

Tie-down rings help omit tangled straps during the processes of loading, unloading or transporting cargo. This ring's inner diameter measures 2 inches, and is compatible with most e-track fittings or fittings that have the 360° swivel application. It is also easily removable from these e-tracks. This rope ring can support a range of different sized cargo control hooks. For safety is requires a secure mounting surface, and when attached to a strong surface it has a maximum working load capacity of 1,300 lbs., and a maximum breakage strength capacity of 4,400 lbs.

  • E-Track Swivel Rope Ring
  • 360° swivel
  • Prevents tangling from tie-down straps
  • Ring is removable
  • Inner diameter: 2 in.
  • Fits a variety of cargo hooks
  • Working load capacity: 1,300 lbs., depending on mounting surface
  • Breakage strength capacity: 4,400 lbs., depending on mounting surface
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