Electric Fence Charger, 115 Volt AC, Up to 15 Miles


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Perfect for controlling small livestock and pets, this electric fence charger powers up to 15 miles of clean fence. It comes in 115 volt AC power and is easy to install. The charger's rugged weather-resistant cabinet makes it safe and durable.

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The A15 Zareba ® solid state fence controller comes in AC power that delivers a medium-amperage shock in medium-duration pulses. They are normally used for controlling short-haired livestock, small animals and pets where only moderate weed conditions exist. This UL-listed charger comes with easy-access terminals and mounting brackets for quick connections and installation. It also has a one-year warranty that includes damage caused by lightning. This controller has a 15 mile range, and shocks through light weeds. It has a 115 volt, 60 cycle; pulsed output (1-second intervals).

Special features include digital timing, a fuseless design for improved lighting protection, a flashing lamp when operating, a vented weather-resistant non-conductive cabinet, and moisture-resistant internal components. Steel or aluminum wire is recommended with this controller.


  • Controls most animals
  • Charges up to 15 miles of clean fence
  • 115 volt, UL listed, 60 cycle
  • AC input. Pulsed DC output (1-second intervals)
  • Digital timing
  • Shocks through light weeds
  • Lamp flashes to show system is operating
  • Fuseless design for improved lighting protection

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