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Fiebing's Boot Scrubber

Stop tracking dirt inside your house or work place and use this boot scrubber. A great device to have in stables, garages or outside on decks and patios, the firm bristles rub access dirt off nearly all kinds of shoes. The bristles are placed on the sides and bottom of the frame.
Product Overview

With just a few swipes through this boot scrubber, clean off the dirt and debris from your sneakers, boots, rain boots, or virtually any footwear. Created with stiff, nylon bristles, this boot scrubber brush has a wooden and metal frame that can be attached to a wooden deck for an effective secure use. This boot brush can fit standard adult sized shoes and boots. When the bristles begin to look dirty, just hose them down and they are ready to use.

  • Fiebing's Company Foot Scrubber
  • Frame construction: Wood and Steel
  • Bristles on bottom and sides
  • Bristle construction: Nylon
  • Cleans bottoms and sides of boots
  • Fits standard adult size
  • Can fasten to wooden deck
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