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Fimco Sprayers & Accessories

Fimco® sprayers are designed to spray a large variety of chemicals with water for your agricultural and lawn and garden needs. These sprayers are equipped with a “demand” pump that only allows it to run while there is an open outlet and shuts off when the pressure is increased. These sprayers use a 12V diaphragm pump which has pistons that vibrate back and forth in a sealed tight chamber for protection. Fimco® sprayers come “Roundup Ready” and offer a large variety of sprayers including: ATV, spot, turf, skid, trailer, boom, hand held, backpack and pull behind. Agri® Supply sells replacement nozzles, wands, lead wire assembly, pressure switches, wet booms and more.

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"THE BEST BUILT LAWN & GARDEN PRODUCTS IN AMERICA. PERIOD." Agri Supply ® offers Fimco sprayers, nozzles, and parts for your spraying and liquid transfer needs. From trailer carts to lawn attachments; sprayer nozzles to the sprayers themselves we have a large selection to satisfy all of your spraying needs.