Fluorescent Lamp Starter, 2 Prong


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Fluorescent starters are designed for prolonging the life of your light. By efficiently starting your fluorescent lamp, this starter provides a better lamp performance.

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For use with fluorescent lamps, this starter is ideal for fluorescent lights that are turned on more than five times a day. This two-terminal starter is a standard all-purpose lamp starter. This starter for fluorescent lights efficiently starts the light, prolonging the life and performance. It is great for lights with a low life expectancy.

  • Fluorescent Lamp Starter
  • Two-terminal standard
  • Condenser type
  • All-purpose
  • 13, 30, 40 watt
  • For lights turned on 5 times a day or more
  • Efficiently starts fluorescent lights

  LAMP STARTER, 2-PRONG 13, 30 & in Flourescent Bulbs & Ballasts and Electrical Supplies at Agri Supply ®.

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