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Goldenrod® Industrial Pump Oiler 12 Oz. Capacity 8 Flexible Spout
image Goldenrod® Industrial Pump Oiler 12 Oz. Capacity 8" Flexible Spout
Item # 17430
$21.99 EA

Oiler pumps from Agri Supply put the oil right where you need it so you can keep everything running smoothly, extending machines' life. Our hand oilers have an 8-inch flexible spout that lets you get into tight spaces and around corners. With Goldenrod ® oilers, you know you are getting a name you can trust, and we guarantee our products for one year, regardless of the manufacturer's warranty. Hand pump oilers can be found among our automotive supplies, where have something for everyone.

Oiler pumps put the oil right where you need it with precision. Hand oilers are important for caring for machines or touching up engines.

Oiler pumps from Agri Supply will help you keep engines and machines in the garage and the workshop running right. Hand oilers are crucial to keeping everything lubricated, preventing rust, corrosion and friction. Goldenrod ® oilers are a trusted name, known for the quality and durability of their construction. Hand pump oilers let you put a dab of oil right where you need it or shoot a stream of oil for bigger jobs.

Our oiler pumps have an 8-inch flex spout that can reach around obstacles and into tight spots. Hand oilers are handy to have around the garage or work shop to keep everything running smoothly. We have Goldenrod oilers among our automotive supplies so you can maintain your vehicles, both old and new. Hand pump oilers are part of the more than 26,000 products we carry for farm, shop, home and garden.