41% Gly Star® Plus Glyphosate Herbicide, 2-1/2 Gallons


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Gly Star® Plus is a non-selective herbicide used to kill a wide selection of weeds and woody brush. The active ingredient in Gly Star® Plus is glyphosate. The glyphosate concentration is 41 percent. Used as directed, this herbicide will help control weeds around fence lines, landscaping edges, building foundations and more. This herbicide will help you control over 100 weeds if used properly. See product labeling for mix ratios and use.

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Gly Star® Plus is a non-selective post emergence herbicide used to destroy over 100 weeds. The active ingredient in Gly Star® Plus is glyphosate. The herbicide also contains 14 percent; surfactant to help the formula cling to the weed foliage. This herbicide works by absorbing into the weed leaves and stems. The herbicide then trans-locates into the root system. Visual effectiveness can be seen within 2 days, but it may take 7 or more days on perennials and woody brush. See product labeling for application and mixing ratio.


  • Gly Star® Plus herbicide
  • Non selective herbicide
  • Net contents: 2-1/2 gal.
  • Active Ingredient: Glyphosate - 41 percent
  • Other Ingredients: 59 percent
  • Contains 14 percent surfactant
  • Surfactant helps adhere herbicide to foliage
  • Use as directed
  • Do not graze livestock on sprayed area for at least 30 days.
  • See product label for application and mixing ratios
For a smaller bottle of Gly Star® Plus, see ASC #50281.

  41% GLYSTAR PLUS 2-1/2 GALLON in Herbicides, Grass, & Weed Control and Lawn and Garden at Agri Supply ®.

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5 Stars It works well


Jmaes from SC wrote (October 17, 2018):

It works well, but every two or three months you have to put more out again, kills most all weeds.

5 Stars Works like a charm


Tim Davis from AL wrote (May 30, 2016):

Heard about this stuff from a friend. Bought it and tried it. I was floored. It killed the weeds I had in a week and I only had to apply it 1 more time, and that was from March to October. I use it around the house on all the areas i'd normally use a weed eater. It works so well I got rid of my weed eater. Why use it when a simple spray treatment and you're done. No sweating and dragging a weed eater around needed. I am 100% pleased with it. I recommend it to everyone I know.

5 Stars Works


from GA wrote (March 15, 2015):

Works just as well as Roundup...

5 Stars Great product


Steve from NC wrote (December 03, 2014):

Cost-effective, works well, spray and give it a few days..........

5 Stars glystar


A L Gwinn from SC wrote (September 10, 2013):

agri supply products have been as advertised good stuff

5 Stars it does what it is designed to do


from NY wrote (August 06, 2013):

Great stuff kills , kills and kills. I have over 125 pine trees and when they were small they were great to mow under now that they are big and cant trim underneath .. ?? Bring on this stuff !! work is done - does not harm trees and I can use my extra time on some other project per my wife's instructions , wish they had it closer so I could avoid shipping chargers BUT all in all it does work so the extra $$ for shipping is worth it ......... so far

5 Stars GREAT


DAVE from FL wrote (July 21, 2013):


5 Stars Ver-ry Good Stuff ! ! ! ! ! !


Benny Valentine from FL wrote (June 17, 2013):

Rusty undoubtedly mixed his very, very weak. I bought some of the Glystar about a year and a half ago and it has proven to be at least as good as advertised. I use it to kill brush to my tree stands. I also sprayed some of it on some palmett's just to see if it would kill them and guess what --- it killed them deader than a door nail. If it'll kill palmetto's, it'll kill anything.


Pete from SC wrote (September 11, 2012):

Works great mixed at a 3oz per gal killed everything it touched. It took about 6 days for it to work but it has lasted 3 months.

5 Stars Good Stuff 2

Bob from GA wrote (August 01, 2012):

Didn't mention, but if you buy a concentrate and mix your own with tap water you may well alter its effectiveness due to chemicals in the water. There are additives to prevent that. If Rusty bought ready to use Roundup that could be his difference. But glyphosate is glyphosate.

5 Stars Good Stuff

Bob from GA wrote (July 28, 2012):

Never had a problem with it using it to spray weeds, fencelines, and my wife uses it around flower beds in the yard. Can't imagine what happened to the person who said it didn't kill his weeds.

5 Stars good product

Dwight from LA wrote (July 10, 2012):

Same as roundup at a much cheaper price. good results could have better mixing for small volumes.

5 Stars Great product

Tony P. from NC wrote (June 13, 2012):

This stuff works just as good as the name brand Round Up products but is WAY cheaper! Highly recommended.

5 Stars Move over Round Up!

William from NC wrote (May 02, 2012):

Works better than Round Up. Seems to take a couple of extra days for the weeds to die but it last a lot longer. Fraction of the cost of Round Up and I don't have to spray as often. I save a couple of hundred dollars a year vs Round Up. Try it, you won't be sorry.


Dwight from OH wrote (April 18, 2012):



Dwight from OH wrote (February 04, 2012):

This works every bit as well as Round up at a fraction of the cost!!! LOVE IT! I have recomended this to friends and they are very happy with the results too!

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