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Grease Guns Pumps

Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Grease Guns Pumps along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years.

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19.2 V Cordless Grease Gun
image 19.2 V Cordless Grease Gun
Item # 82490
$204.99 EA
Fuel Hose Assembly Mnpt Both Ends
image ZeeLine® L30-95N 8' Fuel Hose 3/4" MNPT
Item # 21264
$39.99 EA
Goldenrod® Industrial Pump Oiler 12 Oz. Capacity 8 Flexible Spout
image Goldenrod® Industrial Pump Oiler 12 Oz. Capacity 8" Flexible Spout
Item # 17430
$21.99 EA
Grease Gun Lever Style
image Lever Style Grease Gun
Item # 21271
$24.66 EA
Pistol Grip Type Grease Gun
image LubriMatic® Pistol Grip Type Grease Gun
Item # 28971
$31.99 EA
Grip Grease Gun
Item # 21275
$44.66 EA
Gallon Bucket Gun Filler Pump
Item # 21270
$57.99 EA
LiquiVac Oil Changing System, 3 Qt. Capacity
image LiquiVac Oil Changing System, 3 Qt. Capacity
Item # 80759
$61.99 EA
Grease Gun Battery
image Grease Gun Battery
Item # 82493
$45.99 EA
Quick Charger
image Quick Charger, CT-192AC
Item # 82492
$26.99 EA
Grease Gun Holder
image ZeeLine® #149 Grease Gun Holder
Item # 21267
$9.99 EA
Lever Type Grease Gun
image LubriMatic® Lever Type Grease Gun
Item # 21303
$25.99 EA

Grease guns, as well as hand pumps and bucket pumps, are available at Agri Supply. Grease gun pumps come with all the parts you need to move large quantities of grease in just a few pumps. Grease pumps are handy for big jobs, but we also have manual grease guns and battery grease guns for the everyday jobs. Our vast choice of pistol grease guns are only a fraction of the more than 26,000 items we have for farm, shop, home, and garden.

Grease guns come in a range of configurations to fit your hands. Our grease gun pumps are all about moving lots of grease.

Grease guns come in different styles at Agri Supply, including lever action manual grease guns and battery-powered grease guns. For serious use, grease gun pumps dispense grease from 25- to 50-pound open head drums with no oiler needed. We have grease pumps with a suction tube constructed with no seals to eliminate eventual wear and failure. We also have pistol grease guns in our hardware store section that use standard sizes of grease cartridges.

Find grease guns in the long-familiar lever style or as cordless grease guns that operate on 18 volt batteries or 12 volt rechargeable batteries. We have grease gun pumps with variable stroke handles that deliver up to 1 ounce per stroke and include the pump, pail cover and follower plate. In addition to grease pumps for giant open head drums, we also have pumps designed for 5- to 6.5-gallon pails. On the other end, pistol grease guns deliver 1 ounce per 40 strokes and can hold 14.5-ounce cartridges.