Heavy Duty Boom Pole, 1800 lb. Capacity


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With this heavy duty tractor boom pole, you can lift heavy objects up to 1800 pounds. Move farming equipment, logs, and car engines easily by simply attaching it to your boom pole. The pole attaches directly to your 3-point tractor hitch.

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This heavy duty boom pole is designed to save you from back-breaking heavy lifting. Attach it directly to your tractor, and it can lift all of your heavy farming equipment, including disc harrows, cultivators, car and truck engines, and much more. You can even unload new supplies directly from your truck.

Simply connect the boom pole to your tractor hitch, and you are ready to go. Attach the tractor pole to the items that you need lifted, and you are ready to go. This sturdy model can safely lift up to 1800 pounds, which means it can move even heavy tools and machinery. Measuring 8 feet in length, this solid tractor pole is long enough to carry even large pieces of equipment.

Set up is easy. Attach the boom pole to your tractor hitch. Find the center of gravity of the equipment that you would like to move. Then, wrap the chain firmly in place around the equipment that you would like to move. Once you are certain that the chain is securely fastened to your equipment, you can slowly raise the tractor boom and move the equipment to your desired location. Lower the boom pole when you are in the proper place. Remove the chain when you are done.

  • Model number: BP-H
  • Heavy Duty Boom Pole
  • Weight capacity of 1800 lbs.
  • Length: 8 feet
  • Attaches to a 3-point hitch
  • Weight: 100 lbs.

Kodiak BOOM POLE HEAVY DUTY 3 PT. 1800 in Booms and Farm Machinery & Tractor Implements at Agri Supply ®.

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