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Holiday Gift Guide For The Farmer

Have a farmer in your life? You know their interest leads to a different category of holiday gifts! Agri Supply knows, too.

We understand that life, so we understand its desires.

Here’s our guide to gifts for farmers. We realize it’s not easy to get a hay feeder in a stocking — or fence posts under the tree, for that matter! You’ll just have to get creative with gift-giving.

What’s farm life like?
If you have a farmer close to you, you understand their personality. They’re often investigative and inquisitive. It takes an intellectual mind to take on this line of work, and a strong introspective to thrive in it.

At Agri Supply, we admire their curiosity and methodical approach to farming. Farmers blend creativity and intuition with the rational, analytical mind they need. We’re lucky to know them and do business with them, and will do all we can to supply everything they need.

Around the farm
Parts break and engines wear out. Farm-folk aren’t the type to replace what they can fix themselves. Tools become an extension of the user, so make sure your farmer has the best. Quality hand tools are the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

Larger tools need attention too, like the tractor. Outside of regular maintenance, how is it looking? Stock up on the extras that keeps productivity running as well as the tractor. Keep organized by attaching the manual to the tractor with a manual canister, so that it’s always within arm’s reach. Speaking of arm’s reach, make sure tools are at their fingertips with a tractor toolbox. And, of course, keep comfort (and safety!) in mind and look at replacing the old tractor seat. Farmers spend so much time on their tractor that the seat will get worn down, which can lead to back problems.

Safety is always top of mind on the farm. Keep safety at the highest priority and upgrade some old equipment. Look at replacements for the big things like hard hats, and hearing and eye protection and make sure they’re up for the job!

Fencing Supplies
Keeping a fence in good condition is vital to the operation. Putting up a new fence is hard work but with the right tools, the farm is on the road to success. T-post drivers make the work easy and will give you a great start. Once the posts are in, it’s time for the fence to go up. Let a fence stretcher do the heavy lifting, and finish it off with fence crimpers and a stapler to keep it in place.

Once the fence is up, look into fence chargers to keep the animals from getting too close!

Livestock supplies
We carry supplies for all of your animals, domestic or commercial.

Cattle supplies
You’ll find all the essentials for a cattle farm at Agri Supply. From cattle feed to feeders and waterers, help your farmer outfit their operation. Consider hay feeders to help keep food clean and accessible for cows, too.

Also, calves require tools and supplies to nurse and tag them. Guess who has them in stock? Yep, Agri Supply. It’s what’s inside.

Chicken supplies
Help keep chickens happy and healthy, too. Shop supplies from chicken coops to poultry feed, plus feeders and waterers. Know someone with designs on expanding the flock? A do-it-yourself farm with an incubator is easier than you think!

Feed for the farm
We carry an array of feed for every creature on the farm in our livestock supplies. Find it for:

  • Goats
  • Hogs
  • Horses
  • … and more.

Water tanks and troughs
Farmers must ensure their animals’ water sources last the winter. How are their water tanks? It’s important to check for rust spots or weak points.

Tanks must keep water flowing, even during harsh weather conditions. The key to that is a tank warmer. It will provide heat when temperatures drop below freezing. This keeps the water supply from turning to ice.

Float valves help keep maintenance low. Your farmer won't have to constantly brave the weather to watch the water.

Did you know …
Cows can drink 3 to 30 gallons of water daily? You can calculate consumption by adding a gallon of water per 100 pounds of a cow in cold conditions, or 2 gallons per 100 pounds in hot weather.

Get it all with Agri Supply
Farmers are a fun bunch to shop for. Gifts are anything but run-of-the-mill! If you’re at a loss for what to get, turn to the friendly folks at your neighborhood Agri Supply.

We have all you need to set up your farmers! Plus, check us out for so many other gifts, from apparel to toys to thousands of items for home life. Agri Supply: It’s what’s inside. Especially for the holidays!

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