Hot-N-Ready Whitetail Doe Estrus 3 Oz.


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Are you looking for a great strategy for attracting whitetail bucks? This Hot-And-Ready Whitetail Doe Estrus is hard to resist the temptation in any location. Fresh doe estrus is a very good whitetail attractant scent. Each bottle contains the urine from a single doe so there is only one scent.

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Can be used at your deer stand location, along your trail, or anywhere your hunting. A buck will follow the sent right to your location. This can be used at the beginning (pre-rut) or end (post-rut) of the typical rut window where you hunt. Hot-N-Ready can also work during the peak rut, many bucks may already be locked down with breeding does and likely will not respond to this scent at that time.

  • Black Widow brand
  • Part number: R0083
  • 3 oz. bottle
  • Hot-N-Ready-Whitetail Doe Estrus
  • 100% doe urine
  • Great to use from middle of October throughout the hunting season
  • Use during rut
  • Can be used in a dipper or a drag line
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