Impact Double Nozzle Sprinkler Head, 3/4 In.


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Impact sprinklers offer a complete circle of motion, allowing for a wider area of lawn to be covered. This double nozzle sprinkler, complete with a 3/4 in. male fitting, can cover a radius of 54 ft. of lawn while pumping up to 9 gpm at 50 PSI.

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Water your lawn or garden this season with an impact sprinkler with double nozzles, capable of spraying water in a circular motion while allowing an uninterrupted flow path resist dirt clogging generated damage. This impact sprinkler, fitted with a 3/4 in. male ending, offers two water nozzles that ensures complete coverage within a 54 ft. radius. Used at 50 PSI, this brass sprinkler can pump 9 gallons per minute. It only needs to be screwed on for installation to begin keeping your lawn and garden green year round.

  • Impact sprinkler with double nozzles
  • Circular water pattern capability
  • Brass
  • 3/4 in. male fitting
  • Water orifices: 3/16 in. and 3/32 in.
  • 54 ft. radius at 50 PSI
  • 9 GPM
If you are looking for a different sized sprinkler, a sprinkler tripod stand, or even a Treegator® for your saplings, we carry a variety of sprinkler head options.

Agri Supply IMPACT DOUBLE NOZZLE 3/16 X 3/32 in Sprinklers & Sprinkler Heads and Lawn and Garden at Agri Supply ®.

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