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Irri-Gator | Gator-2000

The Commercial Drip Irrigation System

ASC #82865

Irri Gator | Gator-2000

The Irri-Gator system utilizes drip tubing that has been used successfully for years in commercial agriculture worldwide. Its ability to provide the uniform delivery of water and nutrients to a plant’s root zone is unsurpassed.

Gator-2000 ContainsThe Irri-Gator’s drip irrigation technology saves up to 75% of the water normally used with sprinkler systems. Its uniform distribution reduces water consumption compared to “soaker hoses” by over 20%. There’s less evaporation, no water and chemical runoff, less energy usage and precise placement of water directly to the plant’s root structure.

This efficient use of our most valuable natural resource will continue to provide great benefits to our environment.

Gator-2000 Layouts


Irri-Gator Installation

The Irri-Gator’s Benefits are Clear
Saves on Water Usage
Less that .4 gallon per minute (75% less than a sprinkler—20% less than soaker hoses). Reduces water evaporation. Virtually eliminates water runoff.
Eliminates Irrigation-Caused Leaf Wetness
Water is applied directly to the root zone. Reduces fungus and disease due to leaf wetness. Healthier plants, more vibrant flowers and higher quality produce.
Irrigates Efficiently
Pressure compensation provides over 95% water uniformity out of each evenly spaced orifice. Only 6 PSI required to operate (10 psi max) - pressure regulator included in kit. Watering cycle duration: 4-6 hours (heavy to medium soils) or 6-8 hours (medium to light soils).
Irri-Gator System Design Flexibility
Interchangeable component design provides for complete system customization to fit any garden configuration. Expandable to 1000 feet of drip tube with virtually an unlimited number of rows. Gator-2000 Kit is also available for commercial growers.

Gator Kit Sample Layout

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