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Lawnmower Maintenance Tips for Lasting Success

Too many of us have had the experience of preparing for the task of mowing, only to discover that our mower will not start, or that it isn't in optimum working condition. This often happens because we've neglected to provide the maintenance required, despite the fact that our lawn mowers work so hard for us. But the good news is, a little proactive maintenance will not only make the task of mowing much smoother, it will ensure your mowing equipment lasts and continues to work well year after year.

Firstly, though it may seem tedious, it is important to be very familiar with the operator's manual on your mowing equipment. This not only helps keep you safe while operating a potentially dangerous piece of equipment, it tells you how to best care for and maintain your particular mower. Also, consider periodically investing in an expert tune up. The cost will be well worth your while in the years added to the life of your mower.

As far as the more frequent maintenance you do yourself, it will be helpful to create a checklist with basic tasks like: change spark plug, clean out undercarriage, check oil, inspect air filter, sharpen blades, and drain gasoline, with the frequency required next to each task. Your checklist will vary slightly depending on the instructions in your owner's manual. In time, these tasks will become second-nature.

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