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Livestock and Pets

Keep your horses, chickens, and dogs contained and happy with our wide array of livestock and pet products. From dog vaccines to electric fences, here at Agri Supply®, we can provide everything you need to get started with a small farm or new pet. We also offer leashes, drinking bowls and hay feeders, dog houses and chicken pens, and even rabbit cages.

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Agir Supply® Logo Red 5-Gallon Bucket
image Agir Supply® Logo Red 5-Gallon Bucket
Item # 125481
$5.49 EA
Gauge Welded Wire
image 14 Gauge Welded Wire, 2 x 4 x 72, 100 Ft
Item # 11259
$149.99 RL
16% goat feed textured
image Kalmbach® 16% Textured Goat Feed
Item # 130204
$22.43 EA
In stores only
Post Driver 18 Lb. With Handles
image Post Driver 18 Lb. With Handles
Item # 102194A
$33.99 EA
Tarter® Bar Economy Gate Round
image Tarter® 6 ft. 6 Bar Economy Gate 1-3/4 in. Round
Item # 31244
$99.99 EA
In stores only
kalm n ez pellet 50lbs
image Tribute® Kalm 'N EZ® Pellet Horse Feed 50 lbs.
Item # 127002
$24.66 EA
In stores only
20 Gauge Rangemaster Chicken Wire, 1" Mesh, 72" x 150
image Poultry Netting, 1 In. Wire Mesh, 150 Ft. x 72 In. Roll
Item # 11267
$139.99 RL
Poultry Netting, 1 In. Wire Mesh, 150 Ft. x 60 In. Roll
image Poultry Netting, 1" Wire Mesh, 150' x 60" Roll
Item # 11266
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$114.99 RL
Grid Hardware Cloth, 48" x 50
image Grid Hardware Cloth, 48" x 50'
Item # 43531
$114.99 RL
diamond maintenance dog 50#
image Diamond® Maintenance Dog Food (50 lbs.)
Item # 126228
$39.99 EA
In stores only
2 Way Gate Latch W/padlock Slot
image 2 Way Gate Latch with Padlock Slot, Blue
Item # 121073
$16.99 EA
NatureWise Scratch Grains Feed, 50 Lb.
image NatureWise® Scratch Grains Feed, 50 Lb.
Item # 39134
$16.30 BG
In stores only
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Count on the livestock supplies at Agri Supply for everything you need, including troughs and tanks for feed and water. We also offer pet supplies ranging from dog food to flea and tick shampoo. Our many feed buckets, including feed buckets that fit in a corner, ensure we'll have the type and size that suit you. Fencing supplies to safeguard your livestock also can be found at Agri Supply, which has something for everyone.

Our livestock supplies and farming supplies include a large assortment of bushel baskets and covers. Besides feed buckets, we carry troughs and tanks, too, so you can feed one animal or a herd. Among our pet supplies are dog collars and leashes, wire crates and travel cages. In addition to fencing supplies such as high tensile wire and wooden posts, we offer the tools you'll need to install and maintain a fence.

We offer livestock supplies from feed buckets to watering troughs. All of the pet supplies you need can be found here, too, from travel cages to grooming aids.

For livestock supplies ranging from gates to bunk feeders, turn to Agri Supply, where the customer always comes first. We have pet supplies as well as farming supplies so you can stock a home or farm. You'll find feed buckets and bushel baskets, trash cans and tubs. Browse our fencing supplies for the wire, posts and tools needed for fences to keep livestock in and invaders out.

The livestock supplies at Agri Supply include troughs and tanks for feed and water. Check our pet supplies for dog leashes, collars and chews as well as an assortment of food. In addition to feed buckets, we offer food scoops made of plastic, stainless steel and aluminum. Among our fencing supplies are poultry netting and screen wire to help you set up feeding areas.

Our variety of livestock supplies provides another reason to make Agri Supply your one-stop source for farming supplies. Browse our pet supplies for choke chains, collars and dog grooming tools. Our durable feed buckets come in many sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your needs. Besides fencing supplies, Agri Supply also has the tools needed to put up a fence.

When looking at livestock supplies, don't miss our large assortment of bushel baskets, from half peck to full squat. Among our pet supplies are pet feeders and waterers and flea and tick shampoo. We have feed buckets that fit into a corner, utility buckets, stall feeders and an assortment of feed scoops. Let our fencing supplies, including everything you need for an electric fence, help you protect your livestock.