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Loctite Threadlockers

Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Loctite Threadlockers along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years.

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Thread Repair Kit Per Pack
image Kato® Perma-Coil® 3/8"-16 Thread Repair Kit (12 Pack)
Item # 41531
$21.99 PK
Thread Repair Inserts Per Pack
image Kato® Perma-Coil® 1/4"-20 Thread Repair Inserts (12 Pack)
Item # 41535
$5.49 PK
Thread Repair Inserts Per Pack
image Kato® Perma-Coil® 5/16"-18 Thread Repair Inserts (12 Pack)
Item # 41536
$6.99 PK

With thread repair kits from Agri Supply, a stripped or corroded tapped hole does not spell the end of a machine. Helicoil ® kits include the tools you need to repair damaged holes, and Helicoil ® inserts are a trusted name among industry professionals. Helicoil ® thread repair kits come in a range of diameters, with different package sizes for jobs big and small. Thread repair inserts help take the aggravation out of tapped holes that won't take a bolt.

Thread repair kits are specifically intended for fine and coarse threads so you get what you need. We have Helicoil kits to cover a vast array of mechanical needs.

Thread repair kits are essential to machine maintenance, and Agri Supply has the thread repair inserts and kits you need for repairs. We carry Helicoil ® kits, which include a tap and an installation tool as well as thread repair inserts. Helicoil ® thread repair kits come in a range of sizes, with different numbers of inserts that are ready to go. The right thread repair inserts can save you hours of frustration and aggravation.

Thread repair kits are the answer to holes with stripped, crossed or broken threads preventing you from fixing an engine or piece of equipment. Helicoil ® kits are ideal for dealing with tapped holes that have been damaged by wear, corrosion or over torqueing of a bolt. Helicoil ® inserts are available in fine and coarse threads to work in all sorts of applications. Thread repair inserts are part of the more than 26,000 items we carry for farm, shop, home and garden.