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For those with little to no electricity available, this solar powered, low impedance SS-440 fence controller can charge up to 5 miles of fencing. Built to last with weather and impact resistant plastic and built-in solar panel, it outputs 8 volts. With a solar panel that can work even through overcast days, this charger drains 1/3 less battery than standard electric fence chargers.

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In order to keep pets and animals in their fences, the Fi-Shock ® SS-440 electric fence charger is an ideal choice. This fence charger is solar powered and low impedance, allowing for those in an area with little to no electricity the ability to keep a fence charged at any point, even during an electricity failure. It comes with a built-in military-grade solar panel, made with weather and impact resistant plastic. This charger will not fail or short out with contact of weeds or grass, as well. And with a 4 Volt battery included, this fence energizer will keep working day and night, as well as functioning during cloudy days.

An electric fence can also be used to train and condition animals to stay away from certain areas, as well as keeping unwanted animals and critters out of gardens, flower beds, and garbage bins. With the SS-440 fence charger, this is possible as it gives out an intermittent output. The attached solar panel has been built with a compartmental damage-resistant design, allowing for durability. This fence charger inputs 4 voltage, while giving off an 8 voltage output. It can cover 5 miles of fencing, or around a 10 acre area. The fence controller also comes with an indicator light for one to quickly see if the fence is charged, as well as an on/off switch for ease. With low impedance, the SS-440 will drain 1/3 less battery than other, non-solar powered fence chargers.


  • A Fi-Shock ® product, SS-440 model
  • Has a 5 mile fence range or around 10 acres
  • Solar powered for locations with little to no electricity
  • Has an indicator light and on/off switch for ease
  • Comes with a 4 volt battery for day and night charge
  • Low-impedance for low battery drain and medium duty
  • Damage resistance and made for top efficiency
  • 1/3 less battery drain than other fence chargers
  • Made of weather and impact resistant plastic and built in solar panel
  • Works even in overcast
  • Resists short outs from weed and grass contact
  • Solar panel is miltary-grade with compartmental damage-resistant construction

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