Metal Cutting Bandsaw, 4-1/2 In.


$248.99 EA

This cutting band saw can slice through a variety of dense metals in a matter of minutes. Great to have in automotive shops for modifying precise parts. This machine saws horizontally and vertically for convenience, and the motor operates at 110 volts with 550 watts.

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Precision cutting it what this metal cutting band saw can produce at both horizontal and vertical angles. The saw blade measures 4-1/2 in. length x 1/2 in. width x 1/16 in. thick and has 14 teeth. It can deliver a blade cutting speed of 20m, 30m or 50m per minute. Compatible with aluminum, bearing bronzes, hard and soft brass, stainless steel, stainless alloy and mild steel, this band saw operates on a motor pulley and saw pulley system. It can also saw on a tilt from 0° to 45°. This metal cutting band saw may also use a saw with 10 teeth, replacement saws and a replacement belt are sold separately.