DryWalker® MOOiE® Short Black Boot, Women, Size 6


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These Black MOOiE Short Size 6 Boots are made for fishing, gardening, hunting, agriculture, and other outdoor activities. They are waterproof, light weight, and will keep your feet out of the elements.

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Whether for farm, field, fishing, or other outdoor activities, keep dry in these comfortable DryWalker® MOOiE Short Boots. Made with the highest quality EVA material, these superior lightweight boots will help you get the job done while keeping your feet cozy all year long.

  • DryWalker Brand
  • Model: 108/36B
  • Women
  • Color: Black
  • Made Of The Highest Quality EVA Material
  • Waterproof And Very Light
  • Provides High Comfort In Use
  • Adapts To The Style Of Walking
  • Provides A Very Good Degree Of Thermal Insulation
  • Modern Style Design
  • Equipped With A Special Mat Absorbing Vibration On The Heel
  • All-Year-Round Footwear

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DryWalker MOOIE SHORT BLACK BOOT SIZE 6 in Boots, Shoes, & Waders and at Agri Supply ®.

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