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Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Nails along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years.

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Staples 1-3/4 10# Pail, Class 3, 8 Gauge
image 1-3/4" Class 3 Staples, 8 Gauge 10 lb. Pail
Item # 42847
$31.99 EA
Fence Staple Ga
image FENCE STAPLE 1-3/4" X 9GA
Item # 11230
$3.99 LB
Bright Common Nail
image Bright Common Nail 30D
Item # 11196
$2.99 LB
Fence Staple Ga
image FENCE STAPLE 1-1/4" X 9GA
Item # 11228
$2.99 LB
Staples 1-1/2 10# Pail, Class 3, 8 Gauge
image 1-1/2" Class 3 Staples, 8 Gauge 10 lb. Pail
Item # 42846
$31.99 EA
20D Hot Galvanized Common Nails (5 Pound Box)
image 20D Hot Galvanized Common .Nails (5 Pound Box)
Item # 36767
$15.99 BX
8D Cement Coated Nails (5 Pound Box)
image 8D Cement Coated Nails (5 Pound Box)
Item # 36645
$11.99 BX
Fence Staples Pail Gauge Class Galvanized
image FENCE STAPLES 1-1/4'' 10# PAIL 8 GA.
Item # 42845
$31.99 EA
Roofing Nail With Washer Ring Shank
image Roofing Nail 1-3/4" With Washer
Item # 11171
$4.49 LB
Pole Barn Nail
image Pole Barn Nail (20D) 4"
Item # 11178
$4.99 LB
Pole Barn Nail
image Pole Barn Nail (30D) 4-1/2"
Item # 11179
$2.99 LB
Pole Barn Nail
image Pole Barn Nail (40D) 5"
Item # 11180
$2.99 LB
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Nail fasteners at Agri Supply range from long pole barn nails to galvanized common nails. Roofing nails and sinker nails are important to building, but we have so much more among our more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home and garden. We have galvanized shingle nails and 16d cement nails, which are designed specifically so they won't work loose. From common nails to roofing nails with washers, we have something for everyone.

We have nail fasteners in dozens of lengths, shank style and head sizes. From roofing nails to sinker nails, we have everything you need for your project.

Dozens of choices in nail fasteners can be found at Agri Supply, from spikes to doubled headed duplex nails. We have roofing nails with the wide flat heads and short shanks that make them perfect for the job. Galvanized shingle nails are coated so they will last longer in the elements without staining your roof. Common nails are common construction wire nails that have larger shanks than box nails of the same size.

Our nail fasteners include 16d cement nails, which are nails coated with a substance that melts with the friction of driving in and then adheres when cool for a better holding power. In addition to roofing nails, we have sinker nails, which are the most common nails used in framing. We have galvanized shingle nails, finishing nails and even fence staples. When common nails aren't enough, we have what you need.