Hudson Never Pump ™ Backpack Sprayer


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A Hudson Backpack sprayer is the easier, more efficient way to spray for bigger jobs. This Never Pump sprayer holds four gallons, and it sprays for ten hours with a fully charged battery. This professional grade agricultural equipment features a braided power sprayer-style hose, a large poly shut-off valve that is operated with the touch of your thumb, and an extra long 20-inch poly spray wand.

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The Hudson backpack sprayer is the most effective method for commercial and private use. It works great as a commercial weed, lawn, or garden sprayer, and it is perfect for both small and large jobs. The Never Pump Bak-Pak Sprayer has an extra long sprayer that can spray 10' to 12' straight up. It also features four different nozzles, an AC charger, and a maintenance kit. An extra large fill opening makes it easy to add chemicals.

These backpack sprayers hold 4 gallons in one tank. They can work continuously for ten hours on a fully charged battery. The 12 Volt AC battery can be charged overnight; it will completely recharge in only 9 hours, and a fully charged battery can pump 110 gallons of liquid.

Professional grade features include a braided power hose, a large Poly Tov shut-off valve that can be operated with your thumb, three filters, and an extra long 20-inch poly spray wand with 4 tip assemblies. The gaskets and seals are made from 100% Viton, and these backpack sprayers operate at 60 PSI with an on-demand pump. To ensure your safety, the battery is sealed.


  • Never Pump 4 Gallon Rechargeable Electric Backpack Sprayer
  • 4 gallon tank
  • Sprays 10-12' straight up
  • 12 Volt AC battery
  • Recharges overnight in just 9 hours
  • Operates for 10 hours on a fully charged battery
  • Pumps 110 gallons of liquid with a fully charged battery
  • Runs at 60 PSI with on-demand pump
  • 20" wand with 4 tip assemblies
  • 100% Viton seals and gaskets
  • Three filters
  • Poly Tov Valve
  • Maintenance kit included
  • Battery is sealed

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4 Stars Good product, BUT


Steve Stiansen from PA wrote (October 13, 2013):

Sprayer works very well but the ,not very good instructions, do not tell you DO NOT leave the charger on the unit. I left on by mistake and it overcharged to the point of expanding the battery and not allowing it to charge. The replacement battery is as much as a new sprayer.

5 Stars


Steve from GA wrote (April 17, 2013):

This product was worth the price. Hand pump sprayers were inconsistent in volume and spray quality. The sprayer puts out steady, even mist that is great for fruit trees. I have used it 4 times in the past 2 months and it has worked well. So far I have not had to recharge it. The only down side is that it is heaver, and it had a broken off/on switch which the manufacturer replaced. The wide mouth tank is easy to clean and the standard nozzel works very well. So far I am very pleased.