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A Great Time To Get Started On Your Offseason To-do List

You have lots to do, but you’ve got some time.

Fall gives us a break in heat, and also a great opportunity to prep your soil for next year. (Just get to it before the first frost, and use compost to keep soil rich for the next season.)

Here’s a guideline on what preparations to take this fall on the farm.

1. Prep your equipment
Gas-powered tools and tractors, in many places, will get shuttered for winter. Before you do that, there’s still care to consider for your farm equipment.

  1. Fill your tank — plus, add fuel stabilizer. Empty gas tanks can rust from the inside, but leaving in gas can result in corrosion. Fuel stabilizer ensures a grab-and-go spring.
  2. Stock up — On filters and oil, that is. You know you’ll need them, and when the season begins, you’re set.
  3. Check your tractor — Seasoned farm pros know. We’re your go-to spot for tractor parts: That includes engine parts like batteries, fuses, spark plugs, and more.

2. Check on implements
Be sure your equipment is good end-to-end and underneath.

  1. PTO good to go? — Power take-off shifts are critical to any operation. Ensure your PTO shaft assemblies are running smoothly.
  2. Replace your blades —Rotary blades become dull. After your last cut of the season, check them and replace if needed.
  3. Other checks — Disc blades and tiller tines need attention too. If next season started now, would they be ready?

3. Get a leg up on hand tools
How’ve your hand tools held up? We rely on them so much for so long. This post-summer lull is a great time to look into tool sharpeners to regain your edge for next season.

While you’re at it, give your hand tools the once over, too: Maybe it’s time to replace some. Agri Supply carries an inventory destined to become your next generation of tools.

Turn to Agri Supply for all you need this offseason
Farming really doesn’t have an off season. Things that have been put aside during planting and harvesting season will have to be taken care of now. You’ll have more time to devote to these things, for maintenance, organization, and more.

Compare and save with Agri Supply. It’s what’s inside.

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