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Oils & Greases

Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Oils & Greases along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years.

Shop Best Sellers in Oils & Greases
Oz Multi Purpose Telescoping Spout In
image 3 IN ONE OIL 10134
Item # 46937
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$3.99 EA
Spray Tip Oiler Can, 6 Oz.
image Spray Tip Oiler Can, 6 Oz.
Item # 17442
$21.99 EA
CRC® Power Lube Multi-Purpose Lubricant 9 WT. oz.
image CRC® Power Lube Multi-Purpose Lubricant 9 WT. oz.
Item # 22109
$6.99 CN
Sta-Bil ® Ethanol Treatment Fuel Stabilizer, Marine Formula, 32 Oz
image STA-BIL® Fuel Stabilizer, Marine Formula, 32 Oz.
Item # 68724
$24.99 EA
Auto Guard Multi Purpose Lithium Grease Pail
Item # 16327
$124.88 EA
In stores only
Gallon Bucket Gun Filler Pump
Item # 21270
$57.99 EA
LiquiVac Oil Changing System, 3 Qt. Capacity
image LiquiVac Oil Changing System, 3 Qt. Capacity
Item # 80759
$61.99 EA
Needle Lube Adapter Joint
image ZeeLine® #22 Needle Lube Adapter 1/8" NPT
Item # 29299
$9.99 EA
Grease Fitting Pt Degree Bag
image ZeeLine® 71G 1/8" NPT 45 Degree Grease Fitting (5 PER BAG)
Item # 21257
$4.66 BG
Goldenrod® Pistol Grip Oiler 6 Oz. Capacity 4 Straight Spout
image Goldenrod® Pistol Grip Oiler 6 Oz. Capacity 4" Straight Spout
Item # 17418
$12.99 EA
WD-40 Gel Lubricant Spray, 10 Oz.
image WD-40® Gel Lubricant Spray, 10 Oz.
Item # 102962
$12.99 CN
Grease Joint Rejuvenator Pocket Model
Item # 61543
$41.99 EA
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Oils and all the tools to spray or apply them can be found at Agri Supply. We have greases in tubes and tubs and different styles of grease guns to shoot the greases into fittings or bearings. Lubricants are essential to the functioning of machinery and so we have dozens among the more than 26,000 items we carry for farm, shop, home and garden. From 2 cycle oils to multi purpose grease to lubricant spray, we have the oils that will keep everything running smooth.

Our oils include such items as Break-Away Fast penetrating oil to loosen nuts or bolts. We have greases, but we also have grease joint rejuvenators that open clogged grease fittings.

The oils you need from Agri Supply depend on the jobs you need done. We have greases that include multi purpose grease as well as lever grease guns and taper grease fittings and straight knock in grease fittings. Our lubricants include chain saw bar lubricants, WD-40 in an economic 1-gallon size, and tubes of grease. We have 2-cycle oils formulated for 2-cycle engines such as you find in chain saws, weed eaters, motorbikes, scooters, lawn mowers, pumps and tractors.

Our selection of oils in our hardware store section includes 90W gear oil and Liquid Wrench chain lube as well as tools like pistol oilers or a cast iron oil transfer pumps. Our greases choices include Auto Guard multi-purpose lithium grease in a 35-pound pail. We have lubricants such as belt dressing as well as a range of lubricant sprays and a variety of oil cans and grease guns. In addition to 2 cycle oils, we have diesel fuel conditioner, power steering fluid and starting fluid.