Filson Open Sweep Cattle Tub


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This Filson open sweep cattle tub will allow you to control your livestock as they line up to the cattle alley and chute. It is portable, with the ability to use the door for both right and left handed sweeps.

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In order to safely and efficiently gather a few heads of cattle to a cattle chute, a crowding tub guides them safely towards the alley and chute. This allows both the animal and handler safety during the branding, ear tagging, and immunizations process. With the added luxury of portability, this sweep cattle tub is made of 2 in. tubular steel, latched down every 18 in. for security. Its door latch can be used as both a left and right handed sweep. With no tools required, this sweep tub can be quickly taken apart and moved, without losing any sturdiness.


  • Filson
  • Portable sweep tub
  • Latches every 18 in.
  • 2 in. tubular steel
  • Length: 20 ft.
  • Radius: 10 ft.
  • Gate length: 10 ft.
  • Weight: 920 lbs.
  • Curved sides and gate height: 5-1/2 ft.
Quickly and efficiently handle your herd with the additional Open Sweep Alley, ASC 63111 and Heavy Duty Cattle Chute with Automatic Head Gate, ASC 22028.

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